Ford Focus and Fiesta to go hybrid

Originally Published: July 2019

Two of the UK's most popular cars are going green

It has been announced that Ford will introduce hybrid versions of the Focus and Fiesta into Europe as of next year, with the EcoBoost Hybrid models joining the Mondeo wagon variant.

The 48-volt mild-hybrid system is tailored to offer enhanced fuel efficiency and at the same time complement the vehicles' handling characteristics.

A belt-driven integrated starter/generator (from hereon abbreviated to BISG) takes the place of the standard alternator, thus in the process enabling the vehicle to harness energy that'd usually be lost in braking and coasting situations and use it to charge the lithium-ion battery pack – which is air cooled.

The BISG also distributes this power in conjunction with that of the 1.0-litre 3 cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine, with the energy stowed away being used for torque assistance and aiding with acceleration. It will also run the electrical ancillaries. Alongside these, the BISG also allows the engines to utilise a bigger turbo and also diminish turbo-lag.

The Fiesta hybrid will be able to achieve economy of 58mpg, whilst the Focus variant will attain 60mpg and the Mondeo wagon hybrid achieves four more than that.

This news comes after Ford stated that, from the release of this current Focus last year, every model released will have at least one electrification option within its ranks.

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